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Michelle & Lori as Super-Women

David Jarmillo is a DBZ Fan

David's DBZ Fan B & W

Joe Alaniz's Magdalena

Many faces of Spawn by Ruben

Spawn by Ruben

Thor by Richard San Miguel

Batman visiting Collectors Authority by David Ayala

Sara Barrera creates Fury

Godzilla by Ruben

Ruben's Grimlock

Joe Aguilar's Spawn

Witchblade by Stephanie Solis

Art from Sarah B.

A face only a mother could love.

by Aaron Cortez

Spidey swings into action!

by Aaron Cortez

New Avengers

By Ben Cantu

Superman Fan

By Jessica Hewtty

Up, up and Awayyy!!

By Jessica Hewtty

Zombie Wolverine

By Jessica Hewtty

Leo Orion Negrete, 29

Star Wars Simpsons VS Family guy


by Leo Orion Negrete, 29

Mighty Mugg X-Mas Tree

by Leo Orion Negrete, 29

Please continue to send us your art work.  Don't forget your 1st & last name it.  Thanks

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